About Us

Recognized As The Leading Source For Institutional Investors

At Global Manager Research, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with easy to use tools and reports which allow Plan Sponsors to augment their governance process and Investment Managers to better explain their products to both clients and prospects. 

Our solutions provide competitive intelligence for Money Managers and Institutional Plan Sponsors allowing them to make clear, informed decisions on individual funds or total portfolios.

Specifically designed for Canadian institutional investors, our data supports effective governance, whether through access to the Global Manager Research Database or via Performance Analysis Reports.

Who We Are

Established in 2000, Global Manager Research (GMR) purchased Canada’s Money Managers Directory and converted it to an online database. GMR is a privately owned financial services firm that focuses on portfolio measurement and governance solutions for Asset Managers and Canadian institutional investors through a powerful digital platform.

As Canada’s first web-accessed source of Investment Manager Information, our comprehensive Database has innovated the performance measurement field.

Our goal is to provide easy to use tools to quickly and accurately compare a fund or portfolio to a relevant peer group. Recognized as a trusted source of qualitative and quantitative portfolio information, we help our clients meet their fiduciary responsibilities by providing comparative fund peer analytics.

Your Dream, Our Mission.

Draw From Our Years Of Industry Experience To Deliver Unbiased, Comparative Performance Measurement and Analysis. We Help Our Clients Make Informed Decisions On Asset Managers And Provide The Tools For Board Members To Confidently Conduct A Portfolio Review.

Our Values


We strive to support good governance practices for Canadian Institutional Investors and help Board members make educated decisions regarding their investment portfolio. We stand strong in keeping freedom from affiliations to any key financial institutions. We work to provide comparative information in an unbiased format.

Client Value Creation

We respect your time and money and as a result, have created an easy-to-use, cost-effective database and report packages. We are able to provide our clients data-driven, investment insights. Grounded in the deep understanding of the institutional investment community, our solutions provide competitive intelligence for Money Managers and Plan Sponsors.

Commitment to Integrity

We’re committed to consistently making business decisions based around providing our customers the best performance measurement solutions available.

The Data

What separates us from other investment databases is that we only collect data from Asset Managers who want to service Canadian clients. Other Databases will include any Investment Manager Management firms who’s data they are given. By constantly reviewing our database, we include only those Managers that will accept and service Canadian clients, GMR provides a true peer group for it’s users.

Each new Manager is vetted by the GMR team before they are welcome to contribute their performance data. GMR collects both quantitative and qualitative information and organizes that data in an accessible manner that allows the user to easily research specific funds or compare and contrast funds products of their choice. Our data helps investors make intelligent and informed investment decisions.

Why Choose Us

Our Database includes over:

$ 1 .0
Trillion Total Assets (CDN)
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