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Investment Data For Performance Measurement

What separates us from other investment databases is that we only collect data from Asset Managers who want to service Canadian institutional investors. Most Databases will include any Investment Management firm regardless of their suitability. By tracking only those Managers that will accept and service Canadian clients, GMR provides a true peer group for its subscribers.

What We Do

Our data helps investors make intelligent and informed investment decisions.

Global Manager Research seeks to provides easy to use tools to analyze our objective data. The analysis supports and enhances the governance efforts of Plan Sponsors, Consultants, and Money Managers.

We Solve Problems

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The GMR Database excels at:


Qualitative and quantitative information. Comprehensive research, competitive analysis, and due diligence across multiple asset classes, with portfolio and custom reporting capabilities.


Perform comparative analysis among various strategies, discover top performers and understand performance drivers.
Create easy to use charts and graphs to display your results.

Portfolio Tools

Upload your portfolio performance to GMRD and perform a comparative analysis or download performance data and strategies into excel for further analysis.

Chart Packages

Use professional charting tools to create reports convey ideas and strategies in a compelling way to your clients.

The Latest Research

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